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The Bottom Of The Well

I thought I’d said all there was to say regarding things of this nature but the insanity of which I often speak has prevailed to a point of absurdity that I had to confirm it’s validity for me to believe it.

Please…Please save us! Rescue us from these guardian watchdogs and insufferable moderators of overt political correctness, social narcissism and mental policing. It’s almost as if a form of acceptable contemporary fascism is spreading through our schools and educational system like some cancerous overload. It may be a thing of benign concern, a minor news item finding little ink in our here today / gone tomorrow world, but when a Tennessee high school student gets suspended for saying “Bless you” to a sneezing classmate because it’s on her teachers list of banned language “We’re not having godly speaking in my class,” (Is that even proper English?) you know the bucket’s hit the bottom of the well.

What are we going to do next? Burn our children at the stake for a simple common courtesy? Look out, kids! Watch every syllable you utter in class because some miserable po-faced atheist imposer is going to be hovering close by. Just think, next thing you know your kids could be expelled for any number of celestially invoked blunders “GOOD LORD I didn’t know Riga was the capital of Latvia” or “HEAVEN FORBID we ever have to see the resurgence of the National Socialist Party” (Well, actually we have. He or she could be teaching your class!) I can only assume that “Oh my God” and “Jesus f-ing Christ” are acceptable because of their negative value to Christians.

When did teachers become dictators? When did it become acceptable practice, better yet, when did it even become legal to bring your personal beliefs into the classroom and enforce them on our children, teachers who can’t even engage our kids in a civilized discussion but just shout them down and banish them for invoking their right to freedom of speech?

Believe me, this has got nothing to do with any religious beliefs of my own it’s just that I don’t like bullies and it just appears to me that these days the playing field isn’t as level as it should be. I’m reminded of a line from Steve Coogan’s “Alan Partridge” movie in which the vain and inept radio host admonishes his engineer for making an on air joke about Muslims “Never, never criticize Muslims, only Christians and Jews a little bit.” That about sums it up. Fair and balanced? Hardly.

There are many dedicated and wonderfully engaging teachers, so don’t imagine I’m out to tar all educators with the same brush, but as it is in everything, a rotten apple or two can put a bruise on the whole bunch. It’s a little like a beleaguered African American family having that race baiting, self-promoting ambulance chaser Al Sharpton force himself upon them. I’m just waiting for the day when a family tells Sharpton, “You know what? Could you just not come around here, please?”

OK… that’s it…outside of my observation of the day. When is someone going to design a baseball cap with no bill given that no one wears them the right way around anyway?

Gesundheit! Am I OK with that?


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